The Fair Sex project has been run by the Åland Island Peace Institute
and mainly directed towards young Ålandic people. dansbildHowever, during the three project years both the project and the method has gained interest outside of the Åland Islands, mainly in Sweden and the Finnish mainland.  We have received questions about giving workshops outside of the Åland Islands, exporting the method and creating a concept for a theme day. We have generally said no to that kind of suggestions, since it hasn’t been possible within the given frames of the project. 

In 2014 Fair Sex received financial support from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and with that the possibility to work actively towards the Finnish mainland. We started with a couple of pilot workshops for schools with Swedish speaking students in the capital area and trained three workshop leaders at the same time. During 2015 we strengthen our collaborations with established actors on the Finnish mainland and also got the workshop material translated to Finnish. 

De Ungas Akademi are offering workshops in Fair Sex in Swedish and Ekvalita are offering workshops in Finnish. 

The Fair Sex method has also been presented during a anti-trafficking seminar in St Petersburg.