• Fair Sex

    Here it is possible to read about different parts of how we have been working within the project.

    Lessons learned from the work with Fair Sex

    The project has first and foremost played an important role in raising awareness of sexual violence, and provided both students and school personnel with tools for preventing and responding to situations of risk. It has also initiated a discussion on the… Continue Reading →

    From campaign to project

    The project “Fair Sex” originates from the joint Åland-Latvian cooperation project “Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking”, which aimed at combating stereotypical gender perceptions at a grass-root level in order to undermine conditions for development of gender related violence… Continue Reading →

    The workshops with students

    Fair Sex workshops are tailored to respond to the needs and realities of students in the second year of the upper secondary school, which includes the age group of 16-17 years old. Fair Sex workshops have also been adopted for students with… Continue Reading →

    Training and counseling activities for educational staff

    Since the launch of the “Fair Sex” project in 2012, educational staff have been involved in knowledge-building activities in order to be able to facilitate the development of sustainable strategies for addressing and preventing any form of sexual violence in a school… Continue Reading →

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