Fair Sex™ is a method developed by The Åland Island Peace Institute within the project Fair Sex. The Fair Sex Method is developed using a gender-aware, inclusive and norm-critical approach that questions the prevailing societal norms and expectations regarding gender, sexuality and violence. The project was run between 2012 and 2015. 

 The project “Fair Sex” aims at preventing gender based violence, promoting positive sexual experiences and advancing gender equality. Another aim is to provide support to upper secondary schools on the Åland Islands (Finland) in creating structures and routines for a sustainable gender equality process.närärdetförsentfärg

 The project uses a holistic approach to address sexual violence, not only by building awareness among students, but also by providing knowledge and skills for school staff and strengthening their capacity to be observant and intervene when witnessing any form of sexual violence or harassment.

The project “Fair Sex” originates from the joint Åland-Latvian cooperation project “Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking”, which aimed at combating stereotypical gender perceptions at a grass-root level in order to undermine conditions for development of gender related violence and human trafficking.