• Fair Sex

    On this page you can find information about some of
    the perspectives on how to work with equality and also what we mean by “Fair Sex”.

    Working with the teachers – rooting awareness in schools

    To ensure a long-term approach to violence prevention and to the promotion of gender equality, also teachers and school managements need to be involved. School shall be a place free from violations/harassments and discrimination. Teachers have a big responsibility since… Continue Reading →

    What does ”Fair Sex” mean?

    Fair Sex, according to the definition developed by the Åland Islands Peace Institute, is: mutual – everyone involved have said ”yes” to sex and it is possible to stop at any time if anyone feels uncomfortable. feels good – this… Continue Reading →

    What is needed in order to work successfully with equality?

    There is a number of success factors for gender equality work in preschools and schools that have been presented by Mia Heikkilä in a report on sustainable gender equality work in Nordic schools and preschools – Hållbart jämställdhetsarbete i förskolan… Continue Reading →

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