The Åland Islands Peace Institutes newsletter 1.2015

During four years, workshops on ”Fair Sex” has been offered to students in upper secondary schools on Åland. Many have suggested that the theme of the workshops, sexual grey zones, is something that should be discussed also with younger adolescents. The topics of the Fair Sex workshops are, amongst others, boundaries and communication, listening for a yes and the importance of reflecting on one’s own wishes. Thus, the focus lies on social interaction rather than on the physical aspects of sex. This is something that is relevant also for younger adolescents.

During spring, the concept has been further developed and the materials have been adapted to a younger audience. A number of experts are involved in the project and the goal is to offer quality assured workshops in Fair Sex to students in grade nine in secondary schools with beginning in autumn 2015.

In addidion to the activities on Åland the Fair Sex method is increasingly established on the mainland Finland through collaboration with the organization ”De Ungas Akademi”. Thanks to financial support from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Swedish-speaking young people on the mainland will have the opportunity to take part of the Fair Sex concept during 2015.