Åland Islands Peace Institutes newsletter 5.12.2011

The ÅIPI has been requested by school staff to develop and hold work shops on ”Fair Sex” in local upper secondary schools. The Åland government has kindly provided funding for a first round of such workshops. the workshops are based on the campaign ”Fair Sex” launched within the project Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking. The aim of the campaign and the workshops is to encourage young people to talk about issues related to relationships and sexuality, such as: What do I want? How can I express what I want? How can I know what my partner wants? How should I relate to what other people think? To talk and think about such issues can enhance the chances of experiencing positive sexual relationships and reduce the risk of being exposed to or commit sexual violence. The campaign includes drawings and questions concerning sexual situations and relationships.The ÅIPI is currently investigating whether such activities can be financed and carried out on a regular basis in the coming years.